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About The Tortoise and The Hair

Compassion, Quality, Knowledge and the Ultimate in Skin and Coat Care.  

Stunning Transformations: 

Our goals as a business is not just to provide baths and haircuts but to help educate clients on the correct coat and skin care for their pets.  We love being able to take a scruffy rescue dog like this and transform them into a thing of beauty but we love even more when we see dogs getting groomed as often as needed to help maintain optimal skin and coat health and keep the dogs feeling good in their own skin.  

We do our best to report anything we find out of the ordinary, or any changes we notice in the dog's health, and we feel we are not just a place to get your dog's hair cut, but a group of people who are part of your dog's health/care team.  The more we get to know the animals, the better we can serve you, and the more available we are to jump to your aid when there is a grooming question or grooming emergency.   

Don't be afraid to ask questions, and also don't be afraid to question the things family, friends or the internet may tell you about your dog's skin/coat care.  There have been many advancements in the science of skin and coat care for both people and pets, especially in the last 15 years or so, and we pride ourselves on staying up to date and not being stuck in the past.  

The Best in Skin and Coat care:

The salon may not look it's best (for the time being) as we slowly grow and build the business, but we have it functional enough to provide the best skin and coat care.  

Our unique but highly effective services such as Melanie Newman Charcoal Scrubs and Microbubble Bathing, allow us to offer Grande Prairie residents solutions to their dog's skin and coat care troubles, or the ability to simply pamper the dog while helping prevent troubles down the road. 

While diet, genetics, medications, environment, and many other things also play a factor in skin and coat health, we are excellent allies, and provide services that assist in the goal of a happy, healthy Canine companion.  

Our History

Every Journey Begins With a Single Step

When Opportunity Knocks

When a long standing, but out of date, grooming shop came up for sale, Tracy saw it as an opportunity.

Her love of grooming, and desire to help as many people as possible receive quality and caring grooming for their pets, drove her to spend her savings on this fixer-upper, in hopes that it will grow into a thriving, successful, trustworthy place to bring your pets for their skin and coat care needs.

The first step was to give the place a little bit of a make-over, but during that first week of ownership, Tracy soon realized that the place is in DIRE need of WAY more than a coat of paint and some furniture rearrangement. It was going to take a lot of time and investment to get the location up to her standards, and a quick look at the business practices and the books soon made Tracy realize that there was more to fixing up the place than any amount of renovations could do. Having owned and operated two other grooming salons in two other cities, in her life, she knew she had a major project on her hands.

Opening Day was July 8th, 2019

We were gifted with many of the long standing clients of the previous grooming business, at this location. That gave us a running start, and most of the clients have been amazing and supportive.   More and more new clients have come aboard, as word spread, and these days we are busier than ever.

We are re-investing as much as possible back into the business, and while its a slow climb, we are achieving our goals bit by bit, one step at a time, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we slowly adjust things so we can serve our clients better and better as we grow.  

Where We Are Now

We have spruced up the front of the store, tore out the old moldy bathing area, and renovated the space, and have started updating the grooming space with some paint, and a window for natural light and airflow.   

We now groom in the same room the dogs are kept, and we have eliminated "cage drying" as the general drying practice at this location.  

The grooming area is now set up for maximum care, safety and quality with the equipment available to us, with plans on enhancing that even further and continuing to update the tools, equipment, and stations so every pet and staff member can enjoy the modern technologies available in the industry to make grooming fun and less stressful on dog/cat and groomer alike.  

The Tortoise House

Still under construction, but bit by bit, we are getting closer to bringing our beloved Tortoise into his new home.  Many grooming salons adopt a shop cat, or keep some fish in the waiting room that clients get to enjoy when they come to visit.  We are taking a different approach.  Tracy's Tortoise is large, and he will only get bigger.  It's either, give him his own bedroom, or utilize the available space at the salon to provide him with an enclosure that will allow him to to live somewhere that mimics their natural environment, in a space where thousands of people can enjoy him.  

We can't wait until the project is complete and we can share the love we have for our Tortoise with the rest of Grande Prairie.  

Our Staff

Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.

Mattie Stepanek


Kylie has been working at this location for over a year now, and stayed on board when the business changed hands.  She is hard working, and driven to learn, and no matter what obstacles she faces, she lets nothing slow her down or deter her.  She is our part time Bathing Assistant, and she has an eye for detail that sets her apart from many bathers.  She also keeps the salon flowing by ensuring the place it tidy and clean and that the Groomers have what they need.  We plan on teaching her more and helping her advance in the grooming industry as grooming is much more than just a job for her and we can see the talent and skills are just waiting to be set free.  


View Tracy's full story here 

Tracy is our Master Stylist and Owner of The Tortoise and The Hair. 

She is an excellent all around groomer and can safely handle the good the bad and the crazy dogs (and most cats too), but she is best known for her skills in puppy grooms, breed clips (especially terriers), shedding breeds and Doodle grooming

If correct coat care, and/or stunning hair cuts are important to you, you've found the right groomer.  

She has an attention to detail and a talent in problem solving any obstacle, whether it's matted fur, uncooperative pets, repairing damaged coats, etc., while keeping the dogs comfortable, and the results amazing. 

While her customer service skills are likely classified as simple but effective at best, and perhaps slightly awkward, her OCDG (obsessive compulsive dogs grooming) has helped her rise in her industry as one of the top pet groomers in the country.

We look forward to growing with the Grande Prairie Community, and appreciate your support along the way.