Professional Pet  Grooming 

Private Sessions

Customize Your Pet's Grooming Experience

During our regular business hours, the groomers are working on 2-3 dogs simultaneously, with a "we will text or call you when we are done" policy.   This allows for maximum efficiency, and the least amount of stress put on the groomer, making things flow nicer, with the least risk possible to the dogs.  It also allows the dogs to have breaks.  Typically this is a great system, BUT it does make for a pretty busy, and noisy atmosphere.  

Anxious dogs, elderly dogs, special needs dogs, anti-social dogs, or dogs easily overstimulated may not thrive under those conditions.  

With top in the industry handling skills, and compassion, our staff are perfectly suited for those special dogs, and we want to be available to accommodate for them, so we decided that Fridays, and occasionally evenings would be dedicated to "Private Sessions"  

-Only one dog being worked on at a time

-One on one care and attention 

-A much quieter salon with no distractions 


All prices are IN ADDITION to the regular groom costs.

Tiny, Small, and Oversize Small Dogs


Medium, and Oversize Medium Dogs


Large, and Oversize Large Dogs


Extra-Large, and Oversized Extra Large Dogs


If you feel a private session would benefit your pet (or even reduce your anxieties about having your pet groomed) please contact us and ask us about booking a private session appointment.