Professional Pet  Grooming 

Services Available During Covid-19 Containment

Due to the growing number of coronavirus infections, we have made the difficult decision to limit our services, and the number of pets coming through our door, for the duration of the gov't mandated social distancing.  This could be one month or six.  We don't know, but we do know that at least one groomer has died, and several others are losing their clients, and friends/family to the virus.  

Leaving the house for anything other than what is essential is irresponsible and dangerous, but we also do not with to see animals suffering though all of this.  

While ideally everyone would have their pets groomed every 4-8 weeks, we ask for a call to action that clients take grooming matters into their own hands for a while, to the best of their ability.  

Our services will be limited to: 

Matted Pets

Matted fur is uncomfortable and can even become painful, and put the animal at risk of skin issues if left for too long.  Cutting matts out at home is dangerous without the proper tools/techniques.  We will shave down overgrown or long fur.  Sorry, there will be NO fluffy (high maintenence) haircuts offered at this time.  

Nail Trimming

The more often you trim the nails, the better it is for the animal, and short, well maintained nails help prevent joint pain.  However, the risk of transmitting a deadly virus for short manicured nails isn't worth it.  Please stretch the length of time between nails trims if possible.  Active outdoorsy dogs can often go months, while older, inactive dogs can probably stretch a max of 6 weeks.  Use your discretion, and once this is all over we can get back to a good nail schedule.  Nail trims will be by appointment only.  No walk ins please.

Maintenance Trimming

Most pets can go a long time between full body haircuts with some brushing but the face, feet, and sanitary areas should be attended to more often.  Ideally these should be trimmed every 4-8 weeks but occasionally stretching it out isn't going to be overly damaging for most pets, and once this is all over you can get your pet right back on track.  Use your discretion and assess risk factors, but we are available for maintenance trims if needed, by appointment only.  

Pets With Skin Issues

Pets who suffer from skin issues from allergies, age, or other causes, need grooming more often for comfort and skin therapy.   Our Microbubble Bathing is still available for these pets, and we will still offer frequent grooming for those suffering from skin issues.  

Owners With Allergies

Owners who suffer from mild pet allergies and need their pets groomed regularly to help combat this can still have their pets groomed, so they can keep their pet in their homes. Please discuss your current situation with us so we can assess what will be the most helpful and low risk options.  

Stay home and stay safe: groom your pet at home with the support of Expert Groomers helping guide you along the way. Sign up for this service and join our private facebook group where we can answer questions, share videos, pictures and information and create a mini online community of people all learning how to take care of their pets' grooming needs

Pets Overheating

Please note that the number one cause of overheating in pets is obesity. If you pet frequently struggles with the heat, assess the weight and if necessary, make weight loss a priority.

The second major cause is lack of airflow through the coat. While a shorter haircut addresses this issue, so does brushing/combing and a good bath. If you can't correct the issue with brushing/combing and a good bath, at home, we can offer a short haircut. No fancy trims at this time. 

Scheduling and Operation

To adhere to the new safety standards, we are operating as follows:

  • We are going to attempt to only have one animal, per groomer, in the salon at a time.  Private session fees will be waived at this time. 
  • No humans will be allowed to enter the building.
  • There will be a kennel placed just inside the door.  Open the door, place your pet inside, close the kennel, and close the door and return to your vehicle.  
  • We will collect your pet, perform the necessary services, and then return your pet to the kennel.  
  • We will inform you that your pet is finished, and leave a card with the price and instructions on paying via e-transfer on top of the kennel
  • You will collect your pet, and return to your vehicle.  Payment is expected within the hour
  • Any discussions about the grooming, payment, or any other concerns must be done over the phone, or via Facebook messenger.  
  • The door and kennel will be disinfected between each pet, but we still recommend using your own hand sanitizer, and of course washing your hands thoroughly after you return home.  While we are taking as many precautions as possible, there is risk of transmission via the fur, and there is no solid information on how long the virus can live on pet fur, so please cancel your appointment and stay home if you are feeling even slightly ill, have been close to anyone who has been ill, or have traveled recently, for at least two weeks.  We also recommend washing your hands after touching your pet before touching your face, for 24-48 hours after grooming.  


Service Prices

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$25 for Existing Tortoise and Hair Clients

$40 for Non-Current Clients

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Shaving Dogs


Includes Nail Trimming, and Bathing

Price Determined by Size

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Microbubble Bath  

With a Groom


Price Determined by Size and Added To The Shaving Price

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Maintenance Trimming


Includes Nail Trimming

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Microbubble Skin Therapy

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Nail Trimming


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