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Hello.  My name is Tracy, Owner and Master Stylist at The Tortoise and The Hair.  I have been a professional groomer for over 16 years and a competitive groomer for many of those years.  Grooming is so much more than a job for me:  It is truly my passion.  The Grooming industry has taken me through basic pet grooming, to the show ring, to advanced pet grooming, to winning grooming competitions, to traveling to Belgium as a member of Groom Team Canada to compete for our COUNTRY.

I took it upon myself to step outside of the typical grooming shop and venture into the immense depths of the Grooming World that most groomers hardly even know exists, so I could advance my skills and expand my knowledge.   As a result I can offer more value to my pet grooming clients.

In June, 2019 I took a chance:  I packed up the kids, dogs and tortoise, left my thriving little salon in Edmonton, bought a fixer-upper grooming shop, and brought all my knowledge and skills to Grande Prairie so I can serve the Peace Region.


About Us

Here Are Just Some of The Grooming Services We Offer, To Help You Keep Your Pet Happy, Healthy and Comfortable 

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Maintain a healthy shedding cycle while reducing the mess around the house.

Classic pet Trims

Fancy Pet Trims

Breed Cuts

Show Grooming

Working Styles

We Do Them ALL

We can assist you in preventing overgrown nails, gunky faces, dirty bums, fluffy feet, and tangled/matted hair that can cause discomfort to the dog, and reduce the desire to interact with your pet.  

Clean deeper into the skin, where shampoo can't reach, naturally with this Japanese Technology, while giving your pet a soothing and relaxing bath experience.

Sometimes a busy grooming salon is just too much chaos for your pet (or you), and a quiet, one-on-one grooming experience is what you need. 

Bathing Packages

We use advanced bathing and trying techniques, beyond what the average grooming shop offers, to ensure your pet receives the best skin and coat care available and you get a better quality service.

Better Value For Your Money

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Bronze Package

Highest Quality Shampoos and Conditioners On the Market

Silver Package

Highest Quality Shampoos and Conditioners On the Market


a Charcoal Scrub

Gold Package

Highest Quality Shampoos and Conditioners On the Market


a Microbubble Bath

Platinum Package

Highest Quality Shampoos and Conditioners On the Market


a Charcoal Scrub


a Microbubble Bath

The Tortoise

Hi!  My Name is Deep-Thought, but they usually just call me Turtle.

I am a Captive Bred, African Leopard Tortoise (that means I was born and raised in captivity and not taken from the wild).  I am approximately 8 years old and I have been living with Tracy for the last 2 years.  

I recently moved into my new enclosure and I am loving it.  

I currently live alone, but don't worry...we are primarily solo creatures in the wild and while we CAN live with other tortoises, we don't need to and are quite happy on our own.